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We're sharing the data we monitor — and our forecasts — so you can protect yourself and the people you love. See our data sources or read the glossary of terms.

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Trusted journalism when you need it most. This site is a compilation of the latest news about the COVID pandemic in Illinois, along with up-to-date resources and guidance from local, state and federal agencies. What questions do you have? Send us your questions to help inform the stories we tell and what we investigate. Coronavirus by the s. As of April 12, the U.

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Beginning November 6, and going forward, IDPH will report confirmed cases and probable cases combined.

Due to this change, all probable cases ly reported separately, 7, have been added to the one-day, November 6, total of new cases. County Tested Total Cases Deaths.

Recovery rate is calculated as the recovered confirmed and probable cases divided by the sum of recovered cases and deceased cases. Drupal SEO. On January 22,IDPH began including in the total case count all probable deaths reported since the beginning of the pandemic. Find your nearest vaccination location here or call to schedule an appointment near you.

Code Zip code is zip code of residence, which may not be location of exposure. Due to this change, all probable deaths, 1, have been added to the one-day, January 22,total of new cases.

Gender Total Cases Tested Deaths. Probable Deaths. Protecting health, improving lives.

Therefore, s may vary from other sites where data is published. Jump to. The data is constantly being entered and may change as cases are investigated.

All s displayed are provisional and will change.