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Hostess Boucherville found friend kissed once

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Only Kissed A Girl Once 22 Boucherville 22

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By the time her legions of fans had read her steamy farewell in their morning newspapers, she had been dead for more than 12 hours. Renowned across the German-speaking world for her gushingly sentimental fiction, Bavarian-bom Paretti was not about to switch genres on her deathbed. With melodramas such as Napoleon and Tara Clarese, she won the loyalty of millions of read ers.

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Tork's claim as the world war's greatest hero.

At the time of the Spanish war the attitude of a large section of the American pxesa tow arde the older nations always put me In mind of e. Once when I was in New Tork.

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Indeed the corollary haa been drawnthat nobody devoid of humor could 'have a true eense of proportion. Boa kins. Mt 11, Xnrkott and P. Roblnon; Ml J. Html and C. Morrison va, Ml W, Elliott and P. Reynold; Ml U Thompson and W. Alln v. Bome years ago I listened patiently Ifor ft. Roohon with. No wonder Punch calls this "the mightiest blow" of the war. I have pushed at. Recalling their frenzied admiration of their own exploits at that time one is almost prepared to stand amazed t the moderation of their self-laudation In the Great War of the other day, Also one does not wish to play the game of the German -Irish gang whp are trying to wreck the Empire by stirring up strife with the United States.

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One Journalist on this aide of the border ;remaraea to me early in the war Uhat. So they kissed their hero.