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What is sex therapy? Sex therapy helps individuals or couples identify and consider possible psychological, emotional, social or relational, and physiological factors that could be maintaining their sexual problems or concerns.

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Despite the pandemic, provincial sexual health centres are dealing with increased demands for information and a steady stream of requests for STI sexually transmitted infection testing. In an ed statement, Nova Scotia Health Authority NSHA spokesperson Lesley Mulcahy said the authority has continued to conduct case and contact management for any lab-reported syphilis cases. She said it will also continue to monitor cases and rates of STBBIs to understand how to support further case detection and management throughout the COVID pandemic response and beyond.

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Comments Showing 1- 14 of 14 Add a comment. Carlos got up first to let out the cat and we teased him about his morning wood as he walked back to bed. Some days I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Pin It. Favourite Saving…. Carlos and Judy share a sunny flat in the Hydrostone. Showing 1- 14 of Add a comment. I've put up with my fair share of schmucks, suffered through dinners with the intolerable parents of my partners and endured long-distance relationships.

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Do I forgive my cheating partner, or burn it all down? People just don't understand how such an un-kosher relationship is functional. Subscribe to this thread:. Many are turned on by the idea of threesomes, but few dare to incorporate them into their everyday lives. By .

We are committed as always to providing free access to readers, particularly as we confront the impact of COVID in Halifax and beyond. Our party clothes lay intermingled in scattered piles on the floor.

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The complicated question of mandatory vaccination. I frequently get the stink eye from other girls when I'm out with Carlos. I can always count on one of them to be my date.

With RSS. More by Anonymous Lessons from December 6 Dec 6, up and go deep on Halifax. Manage your newsletters.

I woke up this morning with a small tabby cat sleeping beside my head, my face pressed into an exotically beautiful woman's breasts and a man cradling my body in his arms. It's sad really, because I think Halifax would be a much happier city if everyone had their own Carlos and Judy.

Nova Scotia announces part one of five phase reopening plan.

We believe in a consenting adult’s right to choice.

My menage a trois with Carlos and Judy is simpler. Afterward, we felt energized and ready to start the day with the exception of the cat, who was kept up all night. We don't feel comfortable sharing the truth about our sex lives with our families, which makes for awkwardness when relatives show up unexpectedly and we're all in bed.

They aren't aware of how open his relationship is with Judy and assumes he's cheating on her. My life wasn't always this idyllic. Nova Scotia caps UberEats fees, modernizes archaic liquor laws. I'm free to see other people.

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Their home is a safe haven for me, whether I am stumbling into bed with them drunk after Gus' Pub, have an empty stomach, need a good chat or a place to regroup after a sour love affair. We drank strong, dark coffees and read the news in a three-person bubble bath. about the work we do hereor consider making a donation.

Coast Top Ten Most Read. Then we whisked up some coconut French toast, got dressed and headed to the Oxford Theatre to catch a Sunday matinee.

Stepping stone advocates against human trafficking and provides supports for survivors.

Top Stories. I'd be lying if I said things were totally perfect. Plus, I know they'll entertain each other when I feel like taking time to myself. I don't have to attend awkward family dinners. The Coast Halifax. Soon our laughter turned to kisses, leading into yet another marathon mattress romp.

Local Lust: Three is not a crowd By Anonymous.