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In order to destroy their lumber And the country to distress, He sent a fire in a whirlwind From the heaving wilderness. A lady was drove Miramichi the water, Where she stood both wet and cold, Notwithstanding her late illness, Had a babe but three days old. About two miles from where their handsome stood They were found each one of them, But to paint their sad appearance, I cannot with tongue or pen. Then we dug a grave and buried Those whom did the fire burn; Then each of us who are living To our dwelling did return.

You will be missing the following functionality: Date formatting on forms Subject checkbox validation on forms Validation of maximum length requirements on textarea inputs text on forms Content Miramichi displayed with stripes Rich text editor man on certain textarea form fields will not display. It burnt three vessels that were building, And two handsome at anchor lay, Many that did see the fire, Thought it was the Judgement Day.

Twelve more men were burnt by fire In the compass of that town; Twenty-five more on the water In a scow upset and man.

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I heard the sighs, the cries and groaning, Saw the falling of the tears; By me this will not be forgotten, Should I live a hundred years. The Miramichi Fire by John Jardine. Such another horrid fire, See again I do not wish.

Sung to a slow, durge-like tune, the ballad is still well known in Miramichi - Louise Manny, Songs of Miramichipp. Forty-two miles by one hundred This great fire did extend; All was done within eight hours, Not exceeding over ten. To see these fine, these blooming young men, All lay dead upon the ground, And their brothers standing mourning, Spread a dismal scene around.

Use the browser back button to go back The finish button won't work. All Rights Reserved. Sung to a slow, durge-like tune, the ballad is still well known in Miramichi.

Then it passed to Black River, Where it did burn sixty more; So it forced its way with fury Till it reached the briny shore. Thirteen families were residing Just out back of Gretna Green, All of them were burnt by fire, Only one alive was seen.

Use the main to move through the process. The seventh evening of October, Eighteen hundred twenty-five, Two hundred people fell by fire; Scourged those that did survive.

For a more enjoyable experience we recommend you use a modern browser like Firefox. While the people were a-sleeping, Fire seized upon the town, Though fine and handsome was the village, It soon tumbled to the ground. A family below Newcastle Were destroyed among the rest, Father, mother and three children, One an infant at the breast.

As I have spoke of things collective, Now I intend to personate, And speak of some of my acquaintance, With whom I was intimate. Heritage Branch, Province of New Brunswick.