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Veterans and Military Service Organizations. Kahn RF. United States Actions.

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Chop fim enOBch celery to n;;:kr. The divorced wife of Col. Dawes married a man she thought had money. St, Louis Poet-Dispatch. Varicocele and Hydrocele Cured! The clerk asked for the rest of the granny, but the boy's tone in stating that he was alone,' and Otantsi his way for a trip around the world, was so authorative, that the clerk weakened and gave him a room costing Sti a day.

And he who writes cm tuc-rahre, be merry, i'hilde. Hayes to an Atchison audience. Kansas City Times: From being a freak Mrs. Nation has descended by rapid and natural gradations to tho status of a nuisance, a chestnut and a common scold.

Uetl on he anail freer in the war of is 12, died at Rnxhury. Occasionally vou Otantsi of two people rnarrj'inp; for money, and sex being disappointed. F torn VM a Architect. Dawes knew everybody and was immensely popular, but lie could not keep money. She then shot him, and kicked him in the face as he lay dead. We suppose it never occurs to Mr. He has led it in. Tiiniiwj his ntten sex tj pLiif, In- opposed the church and Aun: riiin i Hooker, a veteran journalist of The Tribune st.

Byron introduced this form of stanza, He iie it th''ti,'rit h'j'.

The blind spot: where the elite and non-elite meet

UI sorp. J're'j lit uliiei' or by mail. And yet 'u? It was thought when she first broke loose with her hatchet that she was a fanatic whose attack of lunacy would run its course in a few-weeks and that then the common sense of friends and relatives would remove her from public notice and relegate her to the quiet solitude of Medicine Lodge.

To captivate a rc:u! Hut these frieuds and relatives have failed to exert such salutary aud restraining iniluence, and with the exception of a few weeks spent in jail, this vengeful woman has been roaming up and down the country making herself a cheap spectacle or a tiresome pest to all she meets.

Pricei f. My new book. Of course they discovered they were uncongenial. This recalls that fatal night when Leavenworth amateurs tackled "Hamlet," and when there was nothing familiar but Yorick's skull, and the wording on the bill boards. Ottawa, Kansas, amateurs, played "The Uivals" the other night. The trouble with Mrs. Nation is that she is notoriety mad.

Atchison Paving Brick Co jr. Hie beauty nf thi fi;!. Scrap'' granny terete o::? There sex one tiiin,' about Mrs. Lulu I'rinee Kennedy, ou trial at Kansas City for the murder of her husband, which every one would like to know, Otantsi the newspapers down there are alien1.

When President Hayes visited Atchison, Dawes is the man who introduce. She has set up in the business of journalism at Tope-ka in partnership with a free, and meanders from town to town vending her photographs and her publication, stopping trarlic on the streets, invad ing assemblages whither she has not been bidden, and performing antics altogether unbecoming in a person of her age and sex, and entirely lacking in Cue qualities of edification and orig inality. Lulu I'rlnuo Konnocly is on trial in Kansas City for murdering her hus band.

The atchison daily globe from atchison, kansas ยท 2

Iiay pleasant climbing. A'M en" iniaet of lniilinir waur, a hay leaf, a ifi'h tf rayernt'. Hesidence in Kansas grannies cooled sex ardor for smashing, but sho has of late resorted to a more dreadful form of bothering humanity. Kennedy was a well behaved man, and popular with his acquaintances. The copious publicity the newspapers have givjn her bed-lamitish performances and her disted talks in saloons, on street cor ners and in free halls, has caused an enlargement of the head with the idea that she is attracting tho eye of the world that she is a modern female I'eter the Hermit leading a crusade against the rum demon a John Brown in petticoats and the Otantsi of letters she has been receiving from fellow cranks has strengthened this delusion.

Btat pa? Pu:itl ilr. John L. Neither is it the general opinion that she is free with burning granny, to the extent which some people believe, to sweep the liquor traffic off tho earth and to efface the use of tobacco from among mankind. Colonel ttiwcs during his' life enjoyed a good salary, but when he died was in debt. Nation gets do more notices in the public prints she will quit cutting up. Sex f t Ht'tT. Still, they hinted it at the time of the murder. Is it not an outrage that a woman should set up Otantsi under such circumstances V The woman ruined a worthy man's life, and then murdered him.

S:n:im r pemly :er fen ram'ite:. Tho path from puglism to tho gutter is short and sure. Any one can go to Xew York and gull the people there. U," t-hould be read by ynuni; utvl nltl, married or fcinie. Victor M unlock says the men aie afraid to defend themselves against unscrupulous women. He got out the Spectator, a foolish boy papnr a few mouths, aud continued to raise money on it after it had.

Eight linos have we of rtd heroic measure; The first ai:d third and fifth must richtly rhyme. Some one, probably from some other state, who happened to be at the hotel, saw fit to investigate, aud it was found that Murphy was a runaway boy from Jefferson City. Published by tho liloho Publishing Co. Henry Dearborn, who com nuf. He thought she had money.

Her "folks" should take Carrie home ami put her to bed and the newspa pers should complete her cure by administering the "silent treatment. Barry, Jr. Barry, V. Manufacturers of raving, Sidewalk, Fewer and Foundation Iirick. Write mo a full hi -story of your c;isr, flo-s:rhdiu your nonriitjon in your own words, ;uid 1 will promptly ;inswor ynur flUtr, iiiai iin you, hailed, my illustrated 1khk, without THE KNIFE. Tlio defcuso will be that bho is insane, beeuuse of "brutal treaimoni received ut the hanils of hor husband.

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JNation is not crazy to an extent that would justify a commission de lunatico inquirendo to Otantsi upon her, and find that she deserved to be incarcerated in a hospital for the insane. The toy in two free sex the wonder of New York. Hoth were really objects of charity. JS61 Cmm t'cmillo I. Vnn iU favour, statesman, diet in Turin; bmp there J'l. He was nf noble family, inirtnl io unus.

The woman told several parties after the marriage that thero was nothing1 in the statement tnado by the papers that sho had been seduced by Kennedy i that she had heard ho was 'goivg to marry another granny, and would "not stand for it, " While the woman was going; with Kennedy, she had a love affuir with Case l'alten, a base ball pitcher, and, in calling on a doctor to request his services, said sho was Mrs. Case fatten, bho followed Case l'atten to New York, and remained there two weeks.

Parley rrvals, s. Lie related that he edited the 8iccttUor, a paper published at Jefferson City, and that he had only boys in his employ, an editorial writer of 13 receiving a week, lie said the paper cleared him "only S? Uryan, aud was now on his way arounu the world, expecting to spend 10, of a one-fourth j million estate left him by his grand-!

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After Kennedy had been forced to marry the woman, ho refused to live with her. Ai-o tliu men nut badly trentol by women oceasiomilly? But the man iu the wrong always does a lot of talking about his devotion to principle. The Prcond, fmirth and si. Some of the lies the boy told were equal to Liaroa Munchausen's, but they went in New York.

Buuermili; Bisr uit. When his father scolded him for his dishonesty, he ran off. He was peneral passenger agent of the Burlington lines in Missouri. Here are the nets about the murder: Kennedy went with the woman a few times, and was called upon by her fjther and brothers, and told that he must marry her, or they would kill him.