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There are girls who honestly just want to hook up and once a girl is drunk it can become pretty clear that her morals are out the window. The girls are becoming just as bad as the guys.

Plus, it is easy to feel the pressure to hook up when you walk into a room full of guys and girls dancing and making out with each other. The whole college lifestyle really discourages people from dating and encourages partying and hooking up instead. To most college students, the idea of dating seems awkward and ancient.

Everything is so backwards now. For some it brings a sense of accomplishment.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Connect with:. People are dismissing all of the traditional values and making their own rules.

It sounds pretty ridiculous, but people now become more stressed out about a date than about a hook up. So many college girls walk around parties, scantily clad and looking for random male attention. Most people agree that dating in college is just too hard, and hooking up is easy. Maybe hooking up really is taking the place of dating. It is commonly assumed that girls are the ones looking for more than just a hook up while the guys are looking only for the hook up.

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They might wonder what is the point of actually going out and doing something together when they can just hang out and hook up instead? Dating is becoming rapidly obsolete for college students and it is rare that a guy actually asks a girl out anymore. A lot of people hook up for the sole purpose of being able to say they hooked up with someone.

Home Opinion. Ask any college student, guy or girl, about dating these days and they will probably tell you that nobody dates anymore. They are looking to have fun and not get tied down by feelings, commitment and relationship drama.

Hooking up has become so popular amongst college students because that is what most people are looking for in college.